"Chudai Ki Baate"


Overfly – Luna Haruna

…HarunaSword Art Online OSTSong key: C major (no sharps)www.FluteNotes.ph Intro: @0:16 C2BC2   C2BD2 Takaku   takakuG   B  C2 D2  GE2F2E2 Kono te   wo  nobashiteC2G2G2     C2G2G2 Kitto                kittoC2     B   C2C2E2   D2C2B  C2C2…

King – Lauren Aquilina

…Info: “King” a song recorded by an English singer and songwriter of Maltese descent, Lauren Aquilina. Aquilina was born on 23 June 1995 in Bristol to parents from…


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